A new art corner

Art corner…
I had a fabulous weekend planned….gift fair…sleeping all night long, uninterrupted in a hotel…baths…catching up with a few lovely friends…well, part of being a mum is learning that things don’t always go to plan and that other’s needs often come before your own. So when my husband was sent home sick from work on some pretty strong antibiotics, it was obvious that my weekend away was cancelled. Disappointing, but it gave me a good chance to work on a little project I’d had in mind for awhile

.bright side

My children have a playroom. Up until this point, it’s mainly been a room stuffed with toys and is usually a huge mess. My children are a bit older now and at the stage where they don’t need tonnes of toys to keep them occupied – it’s more about ‘doing things’ than ‘playing with things’. With this in mind, I decided to make them an art corner in their playroom.

The first stop was Resene. The ladies at Resene in Feilding are AMAZING!! I’ve been popping in and out fairly regularly lately with wallpapering our daughter’s room, painting the wall in our living room and helping a friend with the design of her new hair salon. They are always friendly and always super helpful. One of my favourite things about our Resene is that there is a play corner so I can take my children in there and still get to concentrate on what I’m doing – and the lovely ladies will often hand my children lollipops on the way out, so they love going there too.


I came out with my blackboard paint and a test pot of vibrant orange (called Trinidad) and went home to get to work. I can tell you it is immensely satisfying slapping black paint on a pristine white wall! After painting, the rest of the look took no time at all. A few storage shelves laid sideways, glass jars filled with art supplies, and we were done. (dorothy nada has some great jars that would work perfectly here)


Needless to say, the children love it. So do I – they’ve played in there non-stop since I finished it, and the addition of a rubbish bin means that they are able to tidy up as they go (in theory, but nobody’s perfect). I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and that I was able to make good use of a bust weekend. I have a few more plans up my sleeves – a ‘performance’ corner, a reading corner and a lego table are all on the cards. One thing at a time though!


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