On looking after yourself…


I was going to start this by saying “Mums are busy”, but I thought about it and realised that it’s not just mums. So then I thought I’d start by saying “women are busy”, but I don’t think that busy-ness is an exclusively female trait. So I’ve decided to start by saying “I am busy. I’m pretty sure most of us can relate to that.” Works better right?



I am busy. I’m pretty sure most of us can relate to that. I thought I was busy when my children were small. We had three under the age of three, my husband was often away for work, and we had no family around to call on for help. I thought that was busy. Now the children are older – 3,4,and 6 and life is B-U-S-Y! I’m on committees at kindy and school and I’ve got my little business and somehow life seems to just be gathering speed. I know that it’ll just get busier as we start adding extra-curricular activities to our agenda. I’m pretty good at juggling, but the flipside of that is that I’m constantly exhausted. Do you know the feeling?

You’re probably a bit like me – love to help people, not very good at saying ‘no’ and put yourself dead last on your list of people to help and things to do. You probably have good intentions…I know I do. I’d love to start running, for instance. I could do with losing that last 5 kg of ‘baby’ weight (although let’s be honest about that it’s less ‘weight from bearing a child’ than ‘weight from standing in the pantry shovelling food in my face hiding from said child’), the time outside would do me good and I think that it would probably give me more energy and make me more productive. I have the pretty running shoes, the right clothes, a GREAT playlist to listen to…I just don’t have the time. A friend and I organised to take turns looking after each other’s children while we each went for runs. Sounds perfect right? It’s never happened – there’s always a sick child or something that just HAS to be done.


The truth is, it’s just me not looking after myself. And we all do it. But we need to stop. I need to stop. I need to START – looking after myself, accepting help, asking for it, not putting myself at the bottom of the ladder. I think it’s probably like building. If the foundations aren’t strong, the house will fall down. What sort of things do you do to look after yourself? Any tips? I’d love to hear them!



6 thoughts on “On looking after yourself…

  1. You think you’re busy now, amazingly the kids become even busier with sports and activities as they get older. And then there’s high school homework – tonight dictatorship vs democracy, now that’s stretching my brain.


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