On marriage…

On marriage…

I’m not an expert on marriage in general. I am, however, an expert in MY marriage. I’ve been married for 7 years and am incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband.

We’ve had an eventful 7 years of wedded bliss – we’ve moved 4 times, had 3 babies, built 2 houses, bought a business and as my husband is in the military, we’ve dealt with numerous separations. We’ve managed to pack a fair amount into our time together so far!

We were together for 6 years before we married, so I feel like we knew each other pretty well. Of course, becoming parents together adds a whole new dimension to a relationship. The most important thing I’ve learnt over our marriage is that it’s my job to be his biggest supporter, and his job to be mine. It’s easy for people to lose sight of that in amongst the jostle of busy lives. It’s easy for women to sit down and complain about all the little things that her husband doesn’t do…and I’ve done that. I learnt though, that our relationship bloomed when I purposefully changed my focus to being deliberately appreciative of all the little things he does do. I voice my gratitude often, to my husband and also to my friends when he’s not even around! I let other people know how wonderful I think he is, and how lucky I feel to be married to him.

It’s always interesting to take note of how people react to this. We’re not used to doing it. It’s more common to hear a wife talk about how annoying it is that her husband doesn’t put his dirty socks in the washing basket than it is to hear her talk about how she loves the way that he makes her a cup of tea when he gets home from work. We read over and over that it’s the little things that matter, but we still take them for granted, and in doing so we take our nearest and dearest for granted.

I challenge you to try it – let him know how much you appreciate him. Let your friends and your family know how much you appreciate him, and let me know how it goes!

NB – I asked my husband to read over this blog (as he always does) and he wants me to note that he does, in fact, put his dirty socks in the washing basket. 😉



4 thoughts on “On marriage…

  1. People ask what makes us work or ask how we cope spending so much time together or how do we not get sick of each other. It’s easy, He is my bestfriend and there is no one else I would rather ‘hang out’ with. More than anything what makes us work I think, is that we enjoy each others company. It’s the simple things.


    1. I completely agree that it’s the simple things! I loved spending time with him when we got married, and I still love it! It’s much harder to find that time now with such busy lives, but we manage to make time for each other x


  2. After 16 years of being together, I still watch the clock for my DH to walk through the door and love weekends to spend together as a family. Like M’s comment above I want to spend time with him.


    1. That’s lovely! I must admit that I often run around doing a quick clean up before he’s due home, and often put on a quick coat of lippy and a spray of perfume – after a full day of working with stinky men it must be nice to come home to a fragrant wife. And yes, I do realise how ’50’s housewife’ that makes me sound! It’s lovely to hear that after 16 years you still look forward to that daily homecoming! x


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