The Brown Fox Studio…

The Brown Fox Collective….

The Manawatu has its very own, super funky new shop. If you’re in the area, have you checked it out yet? If not – why not? Seriously, it’s gorgeous!


The Brown Fox Studio has evolved from the Brown Fox Collective and their fabulous night markets – another ‘must do’ in the Manawatu – the last Friday of the month at the Palmerston North Market. The vibe is fantastic, the stalls are well worth seeing and the performance cafés are just awesome.


The collective is the brain child of Leah (a photographer) and Caroline (from Urban Charm). A year ago they recognised that there was a need in our region for a collective of creative people to form to offer support and understanding of what it means to be a creator and for their craft to be displayed. Out of this grew the Friday Night Markets (which have been a huge success in conjunction with great support from the Palmerston North Library which is a fantastic venue!). These markets were designed to create a buzz, and they’ve certainly done that! They have created an avenue for people to create and sell and if you’ve ever been, you’ll know that the atmosphere is something pretty special.

From this, the Brown Fox Studio has grown. A very successful 6 week trial has led to a longer stay at their new home (164 The Square) and the shop is a treasure trove! With 25 creators from around the region currently displaying their goods in the Studio, there is so much to look at. Leah describes the collective as a ‘social enterprise’ and it certainly fulfills that brief.

Brown Fox Studio:      164 The Square, Palmerston North

Monday – Saturday 10am-4pm


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