on New Zealand….

New Zealand is making a comeback. For generations we’ve had an almost embarrassed stance when it comes to our country. We’ve been reticent about singing our praises, embarrassed about our talents and reluctant to share our wares with the world. We’ve held ourselves back and chosen international – music, food,art – we’ve stood back.

There’s been a renaissance of late. We’re becoming more proud of our kiwis on the world stage. Our musicians and actors, directors and sportspeople are taking over…and we’re cheering them on loudly and proudly.

We’re a relatively young country and it seems like we’re leaving our awkward, gawky teen years and entering our 20’s – becoming more idealistic and slowly growing more sure of ourselves. There’s a sense of being proud of our history – you only have to attend a dawn service on ANZAC day and compare the attendance with those we were forced to attend as brownies or scouts and to be in the audience at a major rugby game to feel the patriotism when the national anthem plays – we sing the Maori version with fervour now instead of mumbling along half-heartedly.

Even our homes reflect this change- try on bidding on Crown Lynn on TradeMe as a measure of this. We want examples of our history in our homes – retro Kiwiana is an ever-growing market.
Our children are growing – a generation of Kiwis raised to be proud of their homeland and to encourage their fellow New Zealanders with an awareness that our talents are massive and our boundaries stretch far beyond our shores. Who knows what they will achieve?

What do you think? Are we more sure of ourselves? Is is a phase or are we growing as a country?



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