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I LOVE these kinds of posts….getting to know a blogger a little better by finding out what’s in her bag, so when the opportunity came up to collaborate with Jessica from www.jessieandjake.blogspot.co.nz, I jumped at it. (Although I have to admit to ‘editing’ my bag somewhat – crumpled tissues, old receipts and random solitary raisins were all discarded before I took the photo!)

1 – cleansing wipes. My children are that little bit older now and it’s still a novelty for me to have this little pack of cleansing wipes in my bag rather than a hulking great pack of baby wipes and several nappies!

2 – I’m a ‘makeup every day’ kind of girl, and I like to have a little bit on me for the touch up on the run. I always carry my powder compact and a lip gloss with me.

3 – Business cards and a pen….I designed my dorothy nada business cards in a hurry and forgot to put my name on them (dork!). I often end up writing my name on the back.

4 – Cornflower seeds. I’d love to make up some story about how I always carry seeds with me to sprinkle along the side of the highways to bloom and brighten everyone’s day, but the actually, I don’t really know how this seed packet ended up in my bag. My 5 year old daughter and I were planting them the other day (not a sentence you’d normally associate with me – I’m more of a killer than a grower)…and I must have thrown them in my bag absentmindedly. It’s amazing what you find lurking the depths of a woman’s bag!

5 – Mints and gum. Always. 🙂

6 – Bulldog clip. This must have been left in my bag from setting up my stall at the Magic of Christmas Night Market last week.

7 – I get migraines and the best way to treat them is to take meds as soon as you notice the ‘aura’, so diclofenac is always in my bag, although I’ve been seeing a chiropractor this year to treat them, and as you can see, the packet is still full. So far so good!

8 – This little purse carries all my loyalty and EFTPOS cards. Very cute, but horribly impractical. I’m going to have to succumb and buy a proper purse/wallet soon.

9 – coins. Ok, the coins are self-explanatory.

10 – Weird little foldy hairbrush. Absolutely useless and every time I see it I think to myself that I must throw it out.

11 – Phone. Cracked screen and all. I’m terrible at replying to text messages and it’s usually lost somewhere at the bottom of my bag, mysteriously set to ‘silent’.

12 – Lollipops. I’m a mum and bribery is a big part of my parenting arsenal. I’d be in trouble if I needed these though – 2 lollipops and 3 children. Must remedy!

13 – Tissues. Always handy, although I can never find them in time to stop one particular child from using a sleeve instead. Some days I’m tempted to resort to a safety-pinned handkerchief for that one!

14 – Notebook. A very lovely friend gave me this one and it’s so useful. Lots of blog ideas get jotted down when I’m out and about.

I’m ecstatic to share this collaboration with J & J as part of her “Whats In Your Bag” series. Be sure to check out all these fab bloggers who have taken part, they all have gorgeous blogs and instagram accounts so you should definitely check them out!

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Instagram: Jessie_jcarlson


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5 thoughts on “what’s in my bag

    1. Thank you! I know – the seeds are a little bit random! Migraines are AWFUL, but if you get them regularly I DEFINITELY recommend finding a good chiropractor – I’ve only had a handful of migraines since starting and it’s such a huge improvement from before. xx


  1. LOADS of “me too!s” over here as well, especially the migraine meds. My migraines are hormonal so at the moment meds are the only things that help. I was very lucky to get prescribed some that worked for me the first go, no chopping and changing with things that didn’t work.


    1. I jinxed it – talked about how I’ve hardly had any migraines this year and got a whopper the other day. Worst I’ve had in years. Horrible. That’s what I get for being smug – is there such a thing as migraine karma? x


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