On Christmas Traditions…

On Christmas Traditions…

Christmas is such a special time of year. Each family has its own traditions – some handed down for generations, some evolved ad tweaked year after year, and some new.

When couple come together, there is often a subtle negotiation as to which traditions from each family of origin to keep, which work well together and which will be discarded.

Our family is no different, and a prime example of this is the Christmas Stocking. In my family, the stocking was found under the tree with the other presents and opened in front of everyone. I my husband’s family, they are left of the end of the bed and opened there. I can see the sense of it – the children have something to open in their rooms which keeps them occupied in their bedroom until a (semi) decent hour. At the same time, there’s a part of me which misses seeing their little faces light up when they realise that Santa has visited.

We start Christmas much like most families – the tree goes up (and I dismally fail to stop myself rearranging the clumps of decorations after the kids go to bed), we make a gingerbread house, the kids open their advent calendars daily…but the festivities really get stated on Christmas Eve when the children get to open their “Christmas Eve box”. This contains a set of new pyjamas each, a family movie and a whole lot of snacks. We all snuggle up on the couch to watch the movie and gorge ourselves, after which the kids write a letter to Santa thanking him for coming and wishing him a Merry Christmas and we leave the traditional cookie, beer and a carrot for the reindeer. They go to bed certain of the magic of Christmas and Mama and Daddy have our own Christmas tradition – madly wrapping presents before falling exhausted into bed secure in the knowledge that the morning will start far earlier than we would otherwise choose.

What are your Christmas traditions?


4 thoughts on “On Christmas Traditions…

  1. We will go round and look at the lights, but other than that, no pre-Christmas traditions. Sometimes there is a tree (this year there is not), and what happens depends on who we are spending Christmas with. This year it’s my partner and I and The Boy, and after we have opened presents we are going to a friend’s house for brunch, followed by a trip to the beach. Nice and low key!


    1. Sounds lovely! Our day isn’t too bad – brunch at ours then dinner at my in-laws (but they live across the road so it’s not a big trip!) and it should be lovely and fairly relaxed. x


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