Farewell to 2014

I’m in a reflective mood – I think that the end of the year looming has brought it on, and I’m sure that many people worldwide are in the same spot…taking stock of themselves, sifting through the past 365 days and making plans for the next.

So farewell 2014…you’ve been great!

If I look back on the past year, one word sticks out….busy. It’s been a huge year for me. I started this year frantically busy with kindy and school committees, rushing between dropping one child at school, another at kindy and trying to run the world with the smallest child still home. I thought I was busy enough, and then I bought dorothy nada and was thrust into a world of websites, blogs, more social media that I’ve ever been part of before, wholesalers, decisions, decisions, decisions.

It’s been amazing. Yes…even the fact that on top of all the other ‘stuff’, I’ll be on the computer doing ‘work stuff’ until late at night every night, something that is pretty common to mums in business as I’ve learnt from talking to some amazing mumtrepreneurs I’ve been lucky enough to get to know this year. I’m tired and can get so frustrated that I still have so much to learn, and I’m learning to deal with the isolation that is working in a one-member business, but I love my little business and I’m so excited about some plans I have for it in the coming year….and the fact that in 2015 I’ll have TWO children at school and our youngest will be doing 2 days a week at kindy – I’ll have actual time to put into work and will (hopefully) be able to have a night or two a week without the laptop balanced on my knees, watching junk on TV, chatting to my husband and talking to family on the phone.

My babies are growing. Our eldest (Mr 6) started this year with a new teacher, kind of shy and awkward and has grown in confidence as well as stature. He ends 2014 with his first wiggly tooth and a new attitude which tells me that he’s ready to take on the world. He’s my dreamer, always in his head and comes out with the most head-scratching questions. At 6 I already have the sense that he’s vaguely disappointed in me when I can’t answer all his questions and have to resort to asking google for him instead. Our little Miss (now 5!) started this year as a 4 year old, happy to toddle off to kindy most days, but equally happy to stay at home with Mama playing in the back yard and naming every flower and weed sprouting from our gardens. She’s our little nature child who loves snuggling up. She turned 5 just over a month ago and loves school. In fact, she didn’t want me to walk in to school on her first day! We’re incredibly lucky to be part of an amazing small school, and both our school kids have had the same teacher this year, and she’s just made to be a teacher. She has a way of making all the children feel special and brings out the best in them. Mr 6 and Miss 5 have both bloomed under her. Our littlest (Mr 3.5) was still a baby at the beginning of this year, but now he’s a true boy – running from the moment he wakes until he falls down asleep at the end of the day, getting into everything and pushing every boundary twice, just in case we didn’t mean it the first time. He’s such a funny little man who loves nothing more than making people laugh.

Onwards to 2015!

I can’t imagine the changes that will happen this year! My husband has a new role at work which means that he’ll be busier than ever, my children will be at school and kindy and I’ll be able to dedicate more time to dorothy nada. I’m loathe to make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m even more reluctant to put them out on the web because it makes me accountable! I’ve only ever made one resolution before, and that was to start drinking whiskey. (I did pretty well with that one!) This year though, I feel like I need to make a couple and to share them with you – knowing that you know them makes me feel like I need to stay on track with them.So here we go….

1. I need to get fit. It’s not about losing weight – I’m not overweight, but I’ve had three babies and it shows. I need to get fit. Running, workouts….I’m going to do it. I started yesterday by buying pretty new workout clothes. (I did go for a little run too, but to be honest I’m more excited about my new clothes!)

2. I have a tonne of ideas floating in my head, but I need to get organised and put them into action – so…re-branding, expansion and a potential writing project are all on the cards.

3. BALANCE – family, friends….I love to spend time with them all and plan to do LOTS of it this year. BBQs, girl’s nights, dinner with friends…I’m doing it, not just thinking that I should.

4. My wonderful husband has been a godsend this year while I’ve been buried by learning the ropes of dorothy nada and unearthing my brain from the fog of motherhood. I’m making him a priority this year. We’re going on dates and I’d like to work in at least one weekend away, just me and him.

5. 2015 is my year of saying ‘no’. There’s only one way I’m going to get everything I want done and that’s to say no to all those extras…you know, the calls for volunteers for this and that. I’m usually there with my hand up, but this year I’m going to stand back and let other people do it. I need to focus on me, my husband, my family, my friends, my business. So I’m saying no!

Feel free to ask me how I’m going with my resolutions…I think I’ll need my butt kicked every now and again!

What are your resolutions for 2015?



8 thoughts on “Farewell to 2014

  1. Some great goals there! I especially love the one about saying no, might have to bring that in to my life too! I’m trying to kick my sugar addiction. Day two and my body is detoxing so I am experiencing the joys of headaches etc. and I’m trying to keep busy so I don’t give in to my sugar demons.


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