on getting fit…

On getting fit…


One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to get fit. I think I’ve been in slight denial about just how bad the state of play has become. I gave it a half-hearted go last summer with a Couch To 5K running programme….for about 3 weeks on and off. Then I thought I’d try Jillian Michael’s ’20 min shred’ DVDs….for about a week. On and off. Ok, to be honest I did it one and a half times then gave up.

I think I’m in the danger zone now though – I’m in my mid-30s so any weight that creeps on is getting harder and harder to shift. And there’s this strange thing happening….I was comfortable with the weight I was at, which was already slightly above where I started out. Now I’ve put on some more weight, and I was aiming to get back to my already-above-optimal weight and viewing it as my start point. How did this happen? When did my mind decide that my ‘slightly overweight’ weight was the point I should aim for?? I can see that it’s all just a slippery slope to me justifying getting heavier and heavier.

I’d like to point out that it’s not all about weight. I would have no issue carrying a little extra weight if it sat comfortably on me and I felt fit and healthy. At this point, however, I don’t. I need to get moving and lose some of this weight and get fit because I’m uncomfortable with how I’m looking and feeling right now.

So I’ve given myself 6 months. I’ve started running, not every day, but every couple of days, and I’m not absolutely hating it. I’m going to start eating better (because sitting down with a bag of chips in the middle of the day does not constitute lunch). I’m going to drink plenty of water, and TRY to eat breakfast. That one’s a tough ask because eating in the morning is a struggle for me.

I’m making little changes in the hope that they will be sustainable. I don’t have a tonne of weight to lose, but I do have a lifestyle change to make. I’m going to be busier than ever this year and I need to ensure that I’m fuelling my body so I can work at my optimum.

Will you join me? I’m going to need encouragement and a good kick up the bum at times. I’m a junk-food junkie and a SUPER picky eater. I get lazy and I procrastinate. A quick ‘you can do this’ or ‘how’s it going’ message from time to time would be a huge boost to me. I’m going to keep you updated too and share with you some tips and ideas I pick up along the way.

Wish me luck! xx


10 thoughts on “on getting fit…

  1. I’ve never been very keen on exercise, but I decided that if I’m going to continue having a food blog, I’m going to need to be more active too. One thing I like is incorporating activity into my schedule. Walking to/from the supermarket carrying groceries is quite a workout and I feel like I’ve achieved something too. As for junk food, I find if I buy plenty of fresh food, it’s easy to make good eating decisions and I don’t need to turn to junk.


    1. It’s that good old balance thing isn’t it?! In theory, energy output being more than energy input should get results! Grocery shopping is my danger zone – I find myself doing well most of the way around, but can’t go past the bags of chips. How cool would it be if they invented trolleys that you could lock out of certain aisles?! x


      1. lol. I’m pretty good at keeping to the list. I think it helps that I put as much as I can carry home on the list. Any extras will probably break my back! Imagine the irony. Injuries due to carrying too many chips home.


  2. With you babe! I’m starting out my weight loss journey from this week. Enough of late dinner and missed breakfast. Good luck hun. Totally know where you coming from.


  3. This is my goal this year too. I have to buy some new running shoes and then I’m going to start running. I haven’the been for a run in years so it’s going to be hard.
    I’m a junk food junkie too and I’m not keen on breakfast either but what I do enjoy for breakfast is green smoothies.


    1. Yum! I’ll have to give smoothies a go. I was going to get out if bed at 6 this morning to go for a run, but rolled over and went back to sleep. Woops! I asked my father in law to watch the kids this afternoon and got out there, so I’m very proud! xx


  4. How is the getting fit going?? My top tip is too find something you really enjoy! We have started doing bootcamp classes and everyone seems to really be loving it because it’s something different every time. If you don’t like running you could try going to the gym, find a class, bootcamp or even join a social sports team? If you don’t enjoy what you are doing are aren’t that likely to stick with it in the long run 🙂


    1. Ahem…*blush*….I’ve kind of been hoping that no one would bring this up! I joined a gym and was all full of enthusiasm and resolve, and then re-strained my rotator cuff of my left shoulder which left me pretty much incapable of anything. Even jogging on the treadmill hurt. So I’ve done nothing now for about a month. Shoulder seems to be slowly coming right, so hopefully I’ll be back in to it soon. 🙂


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