Women in business series…Part 1 ‘Admin Aide’

-Tell us about your business.

Admin Aide is all about supporting others – especially  women  – in business.  I do this through a) empowering them with the tools & knowledge they need to effectively handle the money side of their business or b) provide them with a bookkeeping ‘as required’ service.  This means support is provided in the areas they would like help or training in.  It’s an affordable solution for any small business.  Not everyone likes doing this part of their business but it’s a vital component of making it a success.  I doesn’t have to be in fancy software either nor time consuming if done right – which is where the learning comes in.

-What did you do before you had children?

Certainly a different life style BC (before children) I was a full time career minded administration manager.  I guess I was already in the support business working in a training centre and not only managing the logistics of the main office and admin staff but also that of the satellite offices.  My natural knack of organisation certainly helped.

-How did your business develop?

Crunch time…return to work or not.  My super supportive other half said yes – when I said I didn’t want to return to being someone’s employee but rather being my own boss.  Worse case scenario if it didn’t work THEN I could always go get a job.  Sure it took a while for it to get off the ground and there were quite a number of “oh I’m soooo out of my comfort zone” moments along the way but Admin Aide was born and continues to grow.

-How old are your child/ren?

My daughters are now aged 7 and 10 but Admin Aide was launched when eldest was 6 months old.

-How do you juggle the demands of being a business owner and a mum?

Most people go into business for the ‘work/life balance’ but that’s actually a lot harder to achieve than the experts make it look like.  When most women start of in business it’s usually on their own, some are fortunate enough to start off with a business partner.  However even then (as my client is a mumpreneur) there are still many hats to be worn even if they are divided.  For Admin Aide I’ve had to become real disciplined.  Technology is great but I wouldn’t go anywhere without my trust diary.  Each week I block out time slots – “work time”, “kid time”, “family time”, “time off time doing nothing”.  This is a technique that works for me – it may not work for everyone.  Don’t get me wrong though – I’ve had and still have days where the whole thing turns on its head and I’m doing the mad headless chicken rush around.  Those days I sit down at night and say – OK, tomorrow I’ll do better.

-What’s been your biggest achievement as a business owner?

That Admin Aide is still around after all this time.  She’s my 3rd baby.  Admin Aide has times of growth, times of steady continuances, the occasional set back but I did it – I’m still my own boss.  I also love love love my work still.  I’m so passionate about empowering other to succeed..it’s like I was part of their journey to the top.

-What’s has been the hardest point?

Hardest points have been when I’ve felt lonely.  Being alone in business (despite a great husband, friends and family) – success it up to you.  My most recent encounter was after a session with business coach where afterward I felt so overwhelmed that I thought – blow this, I won’t diversify.  I will simply stick in my comfort zone.  Being who I am I need time to digest, time to reflect and have someone say ‘if you weren’t doing this then what would you be doing’.  Having self believe is a tricky one for me.

-Any words of wisdom for other Mums?

Don’t live with regrets.  It’s said so many times “life is too short”, give it a go to get rid of the ‘if only/what if’.  Invest in yourself – your passion is what led you to do what you do so support yourself.  A recent quote I came across:  “yes you may fall, but ohhh what if you fly!”

-Please share your links and contact details (Facebook/Instagram/twitter/website etc)

My Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/yvonne-morrison/91/750/b97

My Website: www.adminaide.nz

My FB: https://www.facebook.com/AdminAide

My FB: https://www.facebook.com/AdminAide


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