Review….One Summer in Venice. Nicky Pellegrino

one summer in veniceThe blurb:

‘This isn’t a mid-life crisis, OK? I’m not old enough to have one of those. I’m calling it a happiness experiment.’

Addolorata Martinelli knows she should be happy. She has everything she thought she wanted – her own business, a husband, a child. So why does she feel as if something is missing?
In the maze of Venice’s canals, bridges and piazzas, she sets herself a goal to find the ten things that could be the key to her happiness, but will they include her life in London?

What I thought…

If you’re a wife and a mother, then you’ve dreamed of escape – of picking up and taking off to some exotic location and having some time just for you. I have that dream on a weekly basis. But what would happen if that escape was just handed to you? Just when everything else is going wrong, Addolorata (Dolly) is given a trip to Venice at the perfect time.

If you’ve never travelled to Venice, this book will take you on a journey – you’ll walk along the canals and be surrounded by the sounds, smells and tastes of the city. If you’ve been lucky enough to visit, ‘One Summer in Venice’ will bring back the magic of this beautiful city, taking you beyond the Doges Palace and the Piazza San Marco.

There is so much charm to this story – from Dolly’s adventures walking an ‘Irish dog with a Russian name through the streets of Venice’, to her relationship with Coco…her mysterious, glamorous, slightly eccentric Venetian fairy godmother who asks Dolly to think about what she needs to do to make herself happy.

“Each morning I wake up and the first thing I think is what can I do today to make myself happy. You’d be surprised how hardly anyone else does that.”

In the search for happiness, Dolly immerses herself in a world of tango and food and learns about herself along the way.

This was my first Nicky Pellegrino novel, and I really enjoyed it. ‘One Summer in Venice’ was a lovely read and I’m going to be on the lookout for more by this New Zealand author



(Book supplied by Hachette NZ)


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