Blog a day for May 2015 . Day 2 – Positively describe yourself

Oh god. As though sitting down and working out my core values wasn’t tough enough, now I have to positively describe myself. Aargh. This is one of my LEAST favourite things to do. I think, like most people, I’m quite hard on myself, so this is really hard for me!

Ok, big deep breath. Try to stop cringing. Go…

I think I’m a pretty nice person generally. I do believe in building other people up rather than tearing them down. I’m not an ‘anti-women’ woman. You know, the ones who see a pretty female walking by and mutter ‘bitch’ or ‘slut’. I compliment other people often and genuinely.

I’m friendly and like to make people feel welcome.

I’m not afraid to speak up when I see things that are unjust, and I think I’m pretty generous when I see someone in need.

Physically (WHY IS THIS SO HARD??!!) I’m not a complete bush pig. I think I have nice hands, and I like the colour of my eyes.

Seriously – this is ridiculous!! Why is this so difficult? I have good self-esteem, but I’m just finding it next to impossible to write about myself in a really positive way. Obviously something I need to work on.

Can you do it? Let me know some positive things about you in the comments below!



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