Blog a day for May 2015….A letter to future me

Dear future me,

Right now, I’m 35 and I can’t picture you and your life. You see, my adult version of me has always been tied up with my image of Mum, and she died when she was 45. I can’t imagine what being 50, 60, 70 looks like for us.

Here’s what I hope….

I hope that you are in love with life the same way that you were at 20. Granted, I hope that you’re a bit wiser and kinder – 20 years olds can be pretty self centred in their bid to take on the world. I hope that you’ve got it all – that your children have grown to be healthy, happy adults with families of their own. I hope that you get to sit back and watch as they deal with the frustrations and joys of parenthood with a wry smile on your face, remembering the frustrations and joys that they put you through. I hope that you get to watch it all with your husband by your side – a novelty after a lifetime of military marriage.
I hope that you get to look back on a varied and successful career, one that you can be proud of.  I hope that you have given your time to help others, and to teach them what you have learned along the way.

I hope that you have carried on living life knowing that you are one of the fortunate ones, and with privilege comes responsibility. You have had a roof over your head and enough food to eat your entire life, and I hope that you remember to aid those less fortunate.
I hope that as the children grew (such a far-off concept to me now, when I’ve had to stop in the writing of this letter three times for a hungry child, to help fix an aerial on a remote control car, and for a quick chat about the predators to indigenous species. Remember these hectic, stop/go, grasshopper brain leap days?) you took the time for more travel, more reading, more wine, more love.
I hope that you are at the peak of your life – that you can look back on a full past with pride and satisfaction, and that you can look forward to an exciting future. I hope that you are fit, fabulous and full of life. I know that’s how Mum would have been and I feel like it’s your duty to live that for her. Love yourself.



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