Blog A Day for May 2015….an open letter to mothers

Dear Mothers,

I know you – the tired one, the angry one, the fun one, the frazzled one, the one with the secret smile after discovering that beautiful second line on your pregnancy test….I know you all. I recognise you.

You see, we’re all the same.

I know we like to fight over who is doing a better job. Natural birth vs cesarean birth. Bottle feeding vs breast feeding. Pureed solids vs baby-led weaning. Local kindy vs montessori. Pro-vaccinations or anti? Plastic fantastic or all wooden toys? Sugar  vs sugar-free? Public vs private schooling. Afterschool activities or chilling out at home after a full day? Helping with school projects or let them do it on their own?

Parenting is a minefield of decisions, and each decision we make solidifies our stance and our beliefs on how childhood should be. And the thing is…we are so vested in our decisions – after all, it is our most precious things, our children, that we are making these decisions in aid of. We have to be sure that we are making the right choice. This is why we take it so personally when others are making different decisions.

But Mama – hear me! Whether you are a book em’ in c-section, bottle feeding, vaccinating, kids in pre-school, every moment after school planned Mama,  or whether you are an all natural, birthing in the moonlight to the sounds of dolphins singing, breast feeding until they are 7, homeschooling, anti-vaccination, raw food kind of Mama….you have made the right choice. You have made the best decisions for you and your family with the information you have available to you at the time. You deserve to be respected. You have the future in your hands and you are doing your best to mould the world to your idea of what life should be by gifting it with the most perfect gift you can possibly give…your children, who you are raising to be amazing little people.

We are all the same.

So, love each other. Respect each other. Understand that we are all linked and our children are images of ourselves. If we can teach them to respect in the face of difference, imagine what they will do with our world!

Be proud of yourselves.


Another mama



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