Blog a Day for May 2015…Share an organisation tip

I have to admit that I had a wee giggle when I read today’s topic, ‘share an organisation tip’.

Let me set the scene – it’s Monday and I’ve spent the morning dropping Mr 6 and Miss 5 at school. Mr 4 and I went to the supermarket where I realised that I had forgotten our shopping list so forgot the milk and bought more bread which leaves us with three loaves in the pantry. I bought more apples and forgot bananas.

We got home and I’ve got ‘Mr Bunny’ and ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ playing ad infinitum in the background while mr 4 plays with playdough at the kitchen bench. I’ve closed the door to the laundry where there is a week’s worth of washing piled precariously, washed, dried and with no chance of getting folded in the next 24 hours. Better to just ignore it really.

I’ve got a long list of jobs to do, including catching up on this blog challenge….today is the 11th May and this topic is the third I’ve written today…and I’m still only up to the 8th day. Fair to say that I’m not really winning at this challenge!

So organisation may not exactly be my strong point.


I do have a couple of little tips.

I’ve spent the past few week’s worth of spare time doing fun jobs like cleaning out our pantry (yes, even though there’s now three loaves of bread and no bananas), the bathroom cabinets, our walk-in-wardrobe (you have NO idea what a behemoth of a job that was!), the kids rooms and the garage. Well, I can’t really claim the garage yet as I’ve still got a stack of things to list on TradeMe and I’m waiting for hubby to take a trip to the dump with another pile of rubbish. But then we’ll finally be able to put two cars in the garage again!

What these jobs have taught me is that I’m a bit of a hoarder. I had kid’s artwork galore, and I got a bit ruthless. We’ve kept some of it, bundled up in boxes at the top of their wardrobes, but I didn’t really need 75 pictures of green faces and cutting down to one or two felt great!

Less stuff is MUCH easier to store.

Simple right? Hmm…probably not if you’ve got ‘keep em all’ tendencies like me. BUT, tidying up now takes MUCH less time, and now I don’t have to the ‘stuff and slam’ technique when opening and closing drawers and cupboards. Much safer, and I have a happy little smile each time I see all my lovely clear spaces.

My other little organisation tip is that pretty storage makes life easier! I have repurposed lots of different items to be storage in our house (you can see some of it here) and if it’s pretty, I love to use it!

Do you have organisation tips for me? My big down fall is paper – so much of it comes into the house and I end up with piles of mail, newspapers, school notices. I’d love to hear your tips and solutions!


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