Blog a day for May 2015….the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given

As soon as I read the topic suggestion for today, I had my friend’s voice floating in my head.

I’ll give you a little background first. My lovely friend Katherine was going through something at the same time as me – her dad was being nursed through terminal cancer at the same time as my mum was. When her dad passed away, I went to the funeral and was speaking to her afterwards and she told me something that I carried with me through some dark days. She said,

“The thing we’ve been dreading for years happened, and the sun still came up the next day.”

I don’t even know if she remembers saying it to me, but I clung to that for the next year until my mum died, and do you know what? It was true. In the midst of the heartbreak and grief of mum dying, the sun rose and set just as it should, and my life carried on. I still had assignments to complete and practicuum hours to tick off, Dad and my brother still had work to go to, and we picked up and carried on with life and our grief went with us. Life was split into two halves – before Mum died, and after she died. Before she died, it was unimaginable that I would live life without her. We spoke most days and I barely made a decision without bouncing ideas off her. Now I was having to learn to do them without her.

I have had a few friends since who have been in this situation since, and I always pass on my friend’s words of wisdom and it helps carry them through too.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?



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