Mums in business….Rochelle Fleming

Tell us about your business.10460202_685681061524978_7706367010967098340_n

I’m the NZ wedding Celebrant and MC services and Specialist Rochelle Fleming

And I run Something Borrowed Boutique Hire Also.

I assist with making your wedding or special celebration a memorable one

There are four ways I can assist you

  1. Officiate over your occasion – naming, wedding, vow renewal, funeral
  2. Pre Marital Consulting
  3. Hire Props / Centrepieces / Décor for your occasion
  4. Mobile Pilates / one on one in the lead up to your big day in the comfort of your own home or with a group of girlfriends.

-What did you do before you had children?

I was a Sales and Marketing Manager for a Hotel Chain

-How did your business develop?

The idea stemmed from my wedding day and the thought I could help family and friends with their celebrations and special occasions and went from there.

-How old are your child/ren?

4 and 6

-How do you juggle the demands of being a business owner and a mum?

It is a real juggle at times, I’m getting better at scheduling and categorising time spent on particular things in my work day but it is never a perfect science there is always something that has to be put to one side

-What’s been your biggest achievement as a business owner?

I have achieved a good word of mouth following and additionally I have a consistent level of business from my celebrant work and hope to grow the hire props and consulting side in the future.

-What’s has been the hardest point?

I think for me it is a constant with wearing multiple hats and trying to keep all the balls up in the air.

Any words of wisdom for other Mums?

Cherish each precious moment as the time goes by so fast

-Please share your links and contact details (Facebook/Instagram/twitter/website etc)




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