Review: The Flower Arrangement. Ella Griffin

The flower arrangement

The blurb:

From her florist shop window, Lara, owner of Blossom & Grow, watches those who’ve bought her flowers head off to face all manner of life-changing occasions. Bridal posies, anniversary bouquets, surprise deliveries from secret admirers, new baby bunches – Lara arranges them all. And then there are the sadder occasions – the memorial wreaths, the ‘I’m sorry…’ flowers. No stranger to heartbreak herself, Lara knows that flowers can say more than words ever can. Beneath the twinkly fairylights, surrounded by buckets filled with cooling water and heaving with flowers, customers spill their secrets, the things they want to say, the things they wished they’d said. And despite the pain in her heart, Lara finds a way to bring their message to life. Behind every flower arrangement, there’s a story to be told… Weaving together a delightful cast of characters, Ella Griffin’s gorgeous new novel brings her warmth, wit and wisdom to a little Irish florist.

The review:

Lara lost her baby and threw herself into a new career by opening a flower shop. She surprises herself with her natural aptitude and instinct for floristry, and finds that she has the knack of helping people. After she loses her father and her husband in quick succession, Lara has to work to heal her own heart.

This book was a lovely tiptoe through the lives of the people touched by Lara’s flowers. Mia and Katy who both have man troubles and a self-absorbed mother. Noah, whose story might just break your heart. Becca, a young mother desperately trying to be all her son needs. These customers (and more) have their lives touched and changed in some way by Lara’s flower arrangements, and she in turn learns and heals a little through all of them.

Each chapter heading is a flower and its symbolism (Ivy: femininity and tenacity; Amaryllis: beauty and enlightenment; Wisteria: an open heart), and Ella Griffin handpicks each story and gathers them together as though the book itself becomes one of Lara’s beautiful bouquets.

Overall this was a really nice read.  You are transported to the fragrant little shop in Dublin – surrounded by beauty and colour as you read about loss and forgiveness. I bet you can’t read it without taking a trip to your local farmer’s market and coming home with arms full of flowers!

I give ‘The Flower Arrangement’ 7/10

(Book supplied by Hachette NZ)


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