Vinyl Home…

I was lucky enough to have the lovely Katja from Vinyl Home send me some gorgeous marble patterned vinyl recently and I put it to good use!

Vinyl Home was started by Katja after she looked around for sticky-backed plastic which is a common DIY tool in Europe, but couldn’t find any here in New Zealand. She started to bring it in for friends and soon realised that there was a market for the product here. Made in Europe, the sticky-backed plastic is solvent-free and manufactured using water-based glue. This means that it’s an extremely safe product to use in your home, as well as being SUPER easy (as I’ll demonstrate soon), and awesomely affordable.

I was excited when my roll of marble contact paper arrived – the quality is fantastic, and you can see that straight away. I decided to use it on our en-suite bathroom vanity. When we built we installed the standard, basic vanity and I was bored of it!

Here’s what we had to work with:

before collage - USESimple, clean and basic. I wanted interesting, gorgeous and WOW!

I’ll admit to feeling some trepidation about using this stick-on vinyl after the trauma of the great school-book-covering-debacle-of-2015 which ended in a wrinkled, sloppy mess (and that was just me!), but I took a deep breath and got on with it.

Now, ordinarily I wouldn’t choose to start a DIY project in the second week of the school holidays surrounded by children who were still faintly hyped up on the sugar high from the preceding day’s birthday party, but I was DYING to get into this, so I bribed them for a bit of time with Minecraft and Frozen (thank you Steve and Elsa!)

during - collage - USE

I removed the drawers and unscrewed the handles (I have to admit that I felt like superwoman doing this. I just needed a tool belt and I’d be a total DIY amazon). The process is really simple – cut the vinyl to size and carefully stick it down, working with a cloth or a squeegee to remove air bubbles as you go. The vinyl is VERY forgiving so I could peel back and re-stick as I went to ensure a bubble-free finish. It was actually fun and took no time at all – in fact it took longer to take all the lotions and potions out of the drawers than it did for me to cover both drawers!

after collage - USE I’m thrilled with the finish! I’ve been dragging anyone who arrives at our home to the bathroom and demanding that they gaze in admiration at my gorgeous vanity and the verdict has been unanimous – this vinyl is a definite hit! Katja warns that it’s addictive, and she’s right…I’m eying up various other potential projects around the house, and with a fabulous range of patterns and prints, there’s plenty of scope for choice.

I’m a complete sticky-back plastic convert! It’s affordable, easy to use and looks great.

Katja has an exciting giveaway for dorothy nada readers too…head on over to my facebook page to find out more!


You can find Vinyl Home here:



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