Dear Dorothy….

Dear Dorothy....My son is starting school next month and I think I’m more nervous than he is! I don’t know anyone at his new school and I’m worried that I’ll be the odd one out. I’m really shy and not good at making friends. What if the other mums don’t ask my son over because they don’t like me?


Your eldest starting school IS really scary. I cried every day during my firstborn’s first week of school! It’s such a big step, but it’s a great adventure too.

Here’s the thing – every other mum standing outside that classroom at 3pm has been the new mum at school too. They know exactly what it’s like to stand there feeling unsure and nervous. I bet that one of them will say hi to  you and start a conversation, but if they don’t, there’s nothing to stop you giving them a little smile and introducing yourself. “Hi, I’m …. , today is my little boy’s first day.”

And the beauty is that in a week or two your little boy will come home full of stories of friends that he’s making, and that gives you a great chance to talk to his new friend’s mums and set up playdates. You’ll be making new friends at the same time as your son!

But if you find it too hard to just go up and introduce yourself, talk to your son’s teacher and ask him/her to introduce you to his new friend’s mum after school, I’m sure she/he would be happy to help.

Good luck!

dorothy nada

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Leigh-ann, the face behind dorothy nada, is a qualified counsellor with a background in individual teen, group, and family work specializing in addiction work. The advice and information given here is accurate to the best of my knowledge, but should not be taken in lieu of professional advice. I accept no responsibility for the actions of readers based on the advice given.

2 thoughts on “Dear Dorothy….

    1. Absolutely! I remember sitting in my car outside kindy after dropping my ‘baby’ off for his first day (with the other two still strapped into their seats behind me) and crying. Pre-school is another GREAT place to meet other mums and strike up conversations. Scary at first, but look at it as good role modelling for your children – if Mama can make new friends, so can you!


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