Mini Reviewers take on…..Thunderbirds Are Go

Thunderbirds are Go!

When disaster strikes, International Rescue answers the call! From a hidden island base in the South Pacific, the five Tracy brothers pilot remarkable, cutting-edge Thunderbird vehicles from the depths of the oceans to the highest reaches of space, all for one purpose: to help those in need

Thunderbirds are Go Crosscut

High radiation levels have been detected over southern Africa – and are rising dangerously fast. Can International Rescue find a way to stop the radiation leak and not get trapped in the treacherous mine? Find out in CROSSCUT, the first thrilling THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO adventure – with free removable pop-up Thunderbird 1

Thunderbirds are Go Sticker Activity book

Are you ready to test your knowledge in this THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO sticker activity book? From Sudoku and logic puzzles to a giant wordsearch and poster spread, this activity book is perfect for any International Rescue recruit. Intelligence and reasoning are at the centre of every rescue and this book will test yours with these brain-bending activities. So, if you think you have the skills to join the Tracy brothers then get your pens ready!Includes more than 50 stickers.

Thunderbirds are Go Official Guide

This official guide to THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO has all the information a new recruit needs. Learn all about the history, vehicles and daring rescues in this definitive guide to International Rescue.

My Mini Reviewers:

Our little panel of reviewers comprises the following:
Mr 7: an avid reader with an enormous imagination.

Miss 5: a beginner reader with a taste for the dramatic.

Mr 4: loves being read to – the sillier, the better.

In the interests of full disclosure, I feel it is necessary to advise that our panel of mini-reviewers are being paid for their time in chocolate. (To be fair, their mama works for less)

The result:

(marks on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst book we’ve ever read, 10 being the best)

Mr 4: Our littlest man is an engineer in the making. If he can take it apart and figure out how it all works, he’s a happy little dude. He LOVED the crosscut book – being able to cart around Thunderbird 1 was like a dream come true for him. He gave his book 10/10

Miss 5: Miss Priss is the girliest girl you could imagine – the pinker, the sparklier, the better. In saying that, she’s getting a good grounding in superheroes and spaceships between her two brothers and father, so she has an appreciation for what Thunderbirds stands for. Plus…stickers! She LOVES stickers. The activities in this book were a bit beyond her and probably suited to slightly older children, but she had fun looking through it all. She gave the sticker activity book 7/10

Mr 7: He LOVED the Official Guide! This child loves information, so soaking up the profiles of the Tracey brothers was right up his alley. And when Mr 4 and Miss 5 put their books down, he was right in there scooping them up. He gave the Official Guide 10/10

Mama’s opinion: We watched the new series of Thunderbirds Are Go when it screened on TV recently with the children and they were mesmerised by it. When the opportunity came up to review the books, I jumped on it! There’s something quite lovely about having my children watch a series  that I remember watching as a child, and it makes such a nice change from Spiderman and the Hulk. The books were great – probably more suited to Mr 7 than the other two, but they enjoyed them too. I wish I could have stashed them away until Christmas because they were a big hit in our house!


(Book supplied by Hachette NZ)


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