About Me

It’s not until you sit down to try and describe yourself to a bunch of people who you can’t see that you realise how little you know yourself!

I can tell you the basics – I’m a mum first and foremost. My husband and I have three beautiful (and very loud) children. Before having children I was a counsellor and I gave that up when I had my first. I’d love to go back counselling part time when the children are older, but I’m also loving my new career – dorothy nada. Homewares and design are a passion.
Beyond those facts, it’s hard to imagine what people would want to know about me! So here’s a few facts:

-I love jazz, 90s r&b and hip hop and have just recently discovered 60s rock. My playlists are eclectic to say the least.
-The sound of carpet being rubbed makes my skin crawl.
-I don’t drink coffee, but love a good cup of tea (in pretty tea cups, out of a nice teapot.) White with one sugar 😉
-I think folding washing is one of the worst housework jobs and my clean washing piles can reach epic proportions before I finally succumb and tackle it.
-No matter how ‘challenging’ my day with my babies has been, checking on them on my way to bed and seeing them fast asleep is one of my favourite times of the day.
-red wine in winter, white wine in summer…chocolate all year round 😉
-a good book, curled up on the couch and SILENCE = my idea of heaven

This blog is an outlet for my leapfrog mind – one subject to another, but all relevant to my life and all 100% genuine.